At Japan Institute of Homoeopathy, you will acquire a solid foundation, a broad knowledge of remedies, and the ability to listen closely to your clients,
based on the knowledge we have cultivated through years of experience in clinical and educational settings.
We will also provide you with the opportunity to continue learning and connecting with homeopathic communities around the world so that you can be active as a professional after graduation.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method that originated in 18th century Germany.

It was developed to provide a gentler, quicker, and more sustainable recovery and healing for sufferers, and is characterized by its ability to bring out and balance the natural healing powers of all living things, including humans.

Homeopathy views the human being as a whole.

The human body, mind, emotions, and what we call ” soul” are closely interconnected, and signs of illness can appear in all of these areas. The sum of all these elements creates the person’s way of being.
With the help of nature, I would like to guide each client to regain a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy soul, so that they can lead a richer life.
This is the wish of homeopaths all over the world.

A Homeopath’s Job

What we homeopaths receive in a homeopathic consultation is the story of a person’s life.
We listen to the joys and sufferings of the patient in front of us and understand the themes that run through the whole.
We analyze the information we receive, and from among the thousands of remedies available, we choose one that is right for the person, and follow up with them to guide them to health.